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About Claremont Living

With Over 20 years of property development and investment experience and several charitable and fundraising endeavours in 2014, we felt it was the right time for us to establish a more permanent way of giving back by supporting and help others in a meaningful and positive way. 

We helped to create supportive communities for individuals who are overcoming difficulties. We understand how helpful it is for people going through life issues to find a space where they can build connections with others who understand exactly what they’re experiencing.


Feel free to reach out for additional information.

A Supportive Hug

Our Mission

At Claremont Living, our mission is to provide a range of flexible accommodation for vulnerable individuals and engaging them in a tailored support scheme, enabling them to reintegrate into their community 

We encourage independent living by providing quality accommodation and support to vulnerable adults throughout the West Midlands combined authority


Our Values

Respect - Both being earned and being given to creative productive relationships.

Open minded - No problem is too big or too small

Quality driven - If a house or the support being given does not meet our criteria we will immediately take action and rectify the situation.

Patience - Rome was not built in a day and lives are not rebuilt any quicker.

Empathy - Understanding a problem from all perspectives is the only way to offer the best solution.

Equality - We do not worry about our resident's past, only about building a better future.

Our Partners

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