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Homeless Pathways

Our team at Claremont Living is passionate about assisting homeless individuals in finding their way back to stability and independence. We employ a variety of services and approaches tailored to meet individual needs, including counselling, housing support, and employment assistance. Our team is highly skilled, and our extensive experience within the NHS provides us with the knowledge to offer our clients the best possible care. If you're experiencing homelessness and need a helping hand, contact Claremont Living today.


Our purpose is to provide a safe and stable home for anyone who is leaving the hospital and has a housing need. Our Homeless Pathways team is dedicated to helping Birmingham residents who may be facing issues such as domestic abuse, homelessness, inadequate housing or safeguarding concerns. We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home, and we are committed to making this a reality for those who need our support.

1. Ward staff identify housing need and makes a referral to the team.

2. HPO allocated depending on location and availability.

3. HPO carries out background checks.

4. HPO carries out assessment with patient.

5. HPO makes referrals into housing providers (BCC accredited).

6.  Provider accepts referral and a discharge plan is implemented.

7. Patient is successfully discharged to an accommodation.


Benefits of our Homeless Pathways

1. Our patients are discharged without delay.

2. Housing will be provided by Claremont/Summerhill.

3. Housed by Birmingham City Council accredited provider.

4. Patient stays in accommodation.

5. Hospital admissions are minimised.

Our Partners

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"Today I live in my own flat. I have a full-time job and I am working hard to improve my mobility and lose weight. Without the Homeless Pathway, my Social Worker and the Workers at Summerhill, I wouldn't have made it, I owe them my life"
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