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What is Summerhill House?

Summerhill House is a specialised facility designed for individuals with complex health and social care needs, including those transitioning from hospital care. It provides personalised care plans tailored to each resident's specific requirements, such as physical disabilities, mental health conditions, or neurological disorders. The unit is equipped with adaptations for mobility and wheelchair users, as well as bariatric needs, ensuring accessibility and comfort. A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals from a care provider collaborates to deliver 24/7 care, and support for daily activities. Residents benefit from continuous monitoring, medication management, and assistance with personal care, aiming to improve their quality of life and potentially transition them to more independent living arrangements or long-term care facilities as needed


What Do We Provide?

  • 40 Rooms with shared facilities rooms, a number of en-suite rooms and 4 self-contained rooms, 5 purpose built bariatric rooms.

  • Full disabled access- wider corridors, wider doors, lift access, wet-rooms and adapted kitchens

  • Dedicated on-site security

  • Shared communal areas including garden and conservatory

  • Secure parking

  • Smoking area - as the building is smoke free

  • Care packages tailored for specific needs.

  • Floating support by dedicated support workers

For more information feel free to contact us


Accomodation information

  • Fob access on all bedroom doors

  • Each room is fully furnished according to your needs.

  • Televisions are not provided in the rooms. The resident can bring their own, they must have a valid television licence

  • WiFi is available to residents

Shared Facilities
  • Bathrooms - toilet, shower, basin and hand-dryer. Toiletries and towels are not provided

  • Kitchens - cooker, microwave, washing machine, kettle, toaster, plates, knives, forks and cooking utensils provided. Food and meals are not provided.

Additional Information

​This handbook will give you all the information you need to know about your accommodation and the services which will be provided for you by Claremont Living and Adult Social Care. Our aim is to help smooth your transition from hospital or other transitory accommodation to more settled and independent living. Inside, you'll find in-depth accommodation details, information on the support available to you, and additional contact information. If you have any questions which the handbook does not answer, please contact your support worker or the unit manager.


Please download the welcome pack to find out more about this service.

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