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Mental Health Pathway

At Claremont Living, we are dedicated to providing housing support services that go above and beyond. Our Rose House program offers mental health pathway support for individuals who require additional assistance in this area. Our team of compassionate caregivers work tirelessly to ensure that our residents feel safe and supported at all times. Whether you're looking for short-term or long-term assistance, we are here to provide the care you need to thrive.

About Rose House

Rose House

Our Rose House program is designed to prioritize the mental and physical safety of our patients. We work with each individual to develop a personalized care plan that addresses their unique needs and goals. Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment that encourages progress, healing, and growth. Whether you need therapy, medication management, or professional support, we're here to help you achieve lasting wellness.

  • 3 Bedroom mental health units

  • 24/7 Support

  • Adapted spaces for learning difficulties and mental health

  • 24/7 security at premises with staff and support workers present at all times

  • Disabled access - Handrails, wide corridors, adapted kitchens and bathrooms

  • Conservatory and garden spaces

  • Secure parking space

  • Smoking area

  • Safety adapted accommodation - no cookers, non-breakable plastic, no cutlery, no glassware

What is provided at Rose House?

The support provided at Rose House

  • Provide full support with mental health, medications and counselling (if needed we can do the referral for you)

  • We provide temporary accommodation for you to live comfortably and ensure that you are in a better position by the end of the support package. 

  • Identify your housing needs with a dedicated member of staff

  • Our staff are fully trained to ensure that safety measures are maintained at a high level for our customers.

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